On-camera Systems / Ar-gamera

on camera

Wherever and however you want to present your words through the camera Cuebox can make it happen. 

Our standard on camera systems include one of our select technicians, the on camera monitor of your choice, the necessary cabling and laptop computer with prompting software.

These systems can be tailored to your requirements with the addition of extra monitors, optional mounting systems, stand alone battery power and items such as printers for script monitoring and updating.

Cuebox On-Camera Systems offer a complete range of high contrast and brightness monitors.

LCD panels from 8" to 15". 

Above camera

All monitors are available with the option of wide angle hoods.               

The mid sizes all offer the alternative option of being mounted off the camera on moveable stands allowing for an off the camera eye line, cross talk dialogue situation, or head to head set-up.

For working with these systems in specialist areas such as jimmy jibs or steadicam please refer to the Specialist Systems Pages.
For working with these systems on location and outside please refer to the Location Page.

We are pleased to offer you a system entirely tailored to your needs so please contact us for more information.