Frequently Asked Questions / Cwestiynau

Q. Is the autocue compatable with all cameras?

A. Autocue can be used with most if not all cameras. We have various sized monitors and a selection of methods to attach the system to a camera/tripod. It is also possible to have a free standing autocue - our operators are equiped with autocue stands as part of their everyday kit.


Q. In what format do you need the script and when do you need it?

A. We ask that scripts are sent over to us in a .doc format, (RTF or Plain Text is also fine). If your script is ready in advance of the shoot, please email it on over to us and we can format it in the office. If not, don't worry. We can always upload and format the script on location from a USB stick. If this is the case, please remember to allow extra time for our operators to make the script autocue ready! A formatted script is much easier to read and therefore saves you time and money!


Q. How much time to you need to rig?

A. All our operators are pretty nifty when it comes to rigging and most kits are pretty quick and easy to set up, however we do like to give ourselves at least 1 hour to rig. For a twin lectern set-up we increase this to between 1.5 and 2 hours. This ensures that any problems, should there be any, can be ironed out, and it also gives time for any changes to the script to be made.