Tips and Tricks for Using the Autocue

  • Familiarise yourself with the script beforehand, you can't see very far ahead on an autocue screen so being aware of what's coming next will help with intonation.


  • Read your script out loud before the day of filming, a script meant for reading is very different to one meant for speaking. For a more natural presentation of your script turn phrases like "It is" and "do not" into "it's" and "don't".


  • Remember - YOU are in charge, the operator will adjust the speed of the scroll to suit you. Don't be afraid to pause, stop or even improvise, the operator will make sure that the words don't scroll off the screen before you've said them.


  • Ask the operator to adjust the font size to suit your needs. You can also ask the operator to underline or highlight certain words/phrases/sentences, or even use a different colour to help you deliver the speech that YOU want.


  • Try to relax your head and shoulders, allowing for natural movements. Keeping your head completely still will draw attention to your eyes reading the screen.


  • Don't panic! For many people, the thought of being in front of a camera is the stuff of nightmares! The autocue can help with this as the camera is hidden behind it. Once you start reading, you almost forget there's a camera there!


  • Don't forget to breathe, and smile!