Latest Cuebox News! Newyddion Diweddaraf!

07 February 2018
Out and about with Cuebox. An update of our recent work.
27 January 2017
The Sometimes Interesting Ramblings of a Prompt Operator.

What do we offer? Beth ydyn ni'n cynnig?

Cuebox provides Location Prompting; Supplying On-Camera, Free standing and Corporate Presentation Systems supported by our select team of technicians.

We specialise in award ceremonies, corporate videos, seminars and general public speaking engagements as well as TV and broadcast work.

Our unique independently powered systems also enables them to be used outside in almost any situation, allowing us to provide your prompting wherever you need our support.

For all your prompting needs Cuebox offers the solution. We have offices in London, Bristol Cardiff and Manchester  but we are available to you wherever in the world you need us.

Give us a call or drop us an email anytime!


How Can We Help? Sut alle'n ni helpu?

Cuebox prompting systems saves you time, and time is money.

No more splitting scripts into manageable amounts and shooting multiple shots - exacting delivery of words keeps a program on-schedule and, since the text is not completely adlibbed, can help reduce redundancy and incorrect data, and also makes for a cheaper shoot day - no more overtime costs!

Cuebox prompting systems provide an invisible support system allowing your presenter to maintain eye contact and give a convincing performance, conveying thoughts cohesively and with confidence delivering your words more effectively.  When used in the on-camera / off-camera environments they allow the presenter to maintain consistent eye contact with the audience without having to memorize complicated pieces of script. In an interview situation they allow for flowing dialogue between questions and can assist the interviewee with the use of bullet points.

Teleprompting is a tool, and to master its use we firmly believe that expert instruction is essential. We recommend that our clients consider hiring a speech coach for presenters unfamiliar with the teleprompter to help them become comfortable with the technology. We are now working in association with Gwenno Dafydd, coach and mentor, to offer workshops that help you to improve your public speaking and presentation skills. See our "Services" page for more info.