Admin Services / Gwasanaethau Gweinyddu

We also offer administration services including proofreading, paraphrasing, transcription and general script tidying.


Proofreading - A fresh pair of eyes looking over your speech or script ensures that no mistakes have crept through that will cause disruption or delays when recording. Often a small typo or missed word will result in another take where it otherwise wouldn't have been necessary. Or when striving for a perfectly delivered live speech, stumbling over a small grammatical error in the script can ruin the flow of speech, drawing attention to the fact that you're reading it. With our proofreading service you can be safe in the knowledge that our service will discreetly and confidentially ensure that your words are perfect and ready for delivery every time.


Paraphrasing - At Cuebox we know that keeping the attention of your audience/viewers is crucial when trying to explain or convey important information. Years of experience and thousands of scripts have left our operators with the ability to help you deliver a large amount of information in a small amount of time. If you need to turn a paragraph into a sentence we can help you convey the right information in fewer words. Keep your event punchy and fast flowing whilst also getting across everything you need to.


Transcription - If you need an interview, phone conversation, dictated letters or any form of audio transcribed into a word document, our operators are fast, accurate and reliable typists allowing us to offer a professional transcription service. Not only can we deliver your words, we can also transcribe them!


General script tidying - If you are producing your first event, or if you produce the same event / awards show every year, it is always tempting to copy and paste last years script into this years! Whilst this is efficient and time saving, it can also result in some information getting duplicated, last years presenter name getting accidentally included where it shouldn't and music or applause cues getting left in or left out in some strange places resulting in music drowning out winner names, or even delayed music cues that leave awkward silences where there should be rapturous applause! At Cuebox, we know award shows - they are the bulk of our business! Let us set out your script in the best way possible for the smoothest of deliveries not only from your presenter and sponsors but also to help the rest of the production crew to be able to follow the script and produce the best event possible on your behalf. 


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