New!! Admin Services Now Available!

Article Date: 21 August 2016

Administration services now available!

We are now offering administration services including proofreading, paraphrasing and general script tidying as well as a transcription service.

Let us help you make the best and smoothest running script possible. Don't let grammatical errors or typos lead to multiple re-takes. Don't let "copy and pasting" last years script, ruin this years awards! And don't risk losing your audience because your script is too long!

After years of experience of reading and scrolling thousands of scripts, we have come to realise at Cuebox that we can help our clients in more ways than one! We already help you deliver your words perfectly, but now let us help you write your words perfectly.

Get in touch or take a look at our Services page for more information and rates on getting your script spot on!

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