In-Car System

Article Date: 25 September 2013

New System for Hire!

Cuebox have an exciting new set up to offer! Earlier in the year we were asked to provide a multi-monitor autocue system for a new sit-com based predominantly inside a car!

Not much room inside a car I hear you say! No indeed there isn't! Along with cameras, sound equipment, lighting and an actor or two we managed to fit 4 modified 7inch off-camera monitors onto a rig fitted to the dashboard of a rather small car using specialist wiring looms and various other technological wonders including good old gaffer tape! This enabled the actors to see their scripts from all directions inside the car, whilst looking to the viewer, like they were merely driving along!

car share 2

Our operator was glamorously stationed in the front seat of a transit van which was towing the modified car! Along with focus pullers, sound men, script supervisors, DOPs, etc etc….. in total, nine people with all their relevant kit were huddled together for the best part of 6 weeks!  You get to know people rather well in this business!

For those of you worried that driving such a car may prove tricky and somewhat dangerous - don't worry, no actors or pedestrians were hurt during the making of this programme! That's the magic of TV!

Car share

Cuebox were very proud to be part of such an interesting and challenging project, the chance to be be creative with prompting doesn't come around very often! We are now able to offer this style of set-up to anyone who may find themselves filming in a car! Please contact us for more details.

Thanks to Jonathan Simons for the use of his pictures, (and skills as operator!)

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