Article Date: 27 January 2017

The Sometimes Interesting Ramblings of a Prompt Operator.

So here I am, jumping on the blog bandwagon.

I suppose I can now be referred to as a "blogger". But there's no need to refer to me as such, it'll just get embarrassing. 

Now you probably weren't aware that Cuebox didn't have one already, or that you wanted to read one, or frankly didn't care whether we had one or not....yet here you are. So thank you for getting this far.

This won't by any means be a daily blog. Probably not even a weekly blog. More of a 'when something exciting happens i'll tell you about it' kind of blog. A non-regular re-hashing of comedy moments or disastrous jobs kind of blog. Not that we have any disasters of course, we are professionals after all. But we do get to see it all. Temper tantrums, potty mouths, panic stations, hysteria, boredom - and that's just me.

Speaking of potty mouths, last nights host at an awards ceremony at the Grosvenor House hotel was on top form in that department! Never judge a book by its cover, that's what they say isn't it. I'd already made my mind up about this popular Canadian comedian from watching her on various panel shows on TV and I wasn't too impressed to be honest, but i couldn't have been more pleasantly suprised by just how lovely she actually was despite (or maybe because of) the hysterical vulgarity coming out of her mouth!

She also "liked" one of my tweets this morning which clearly puts her in the 'Favourite Person' category on my celebrity liking scale. Any interaction on Twitter is met with uncontrollable excitement and immediately catapults that person to the top of my liking list. I realise these are not the actions of a mature adult, let alone a mature adult working in the TV industry who should know better by now but come on, we all do it! So a big bloggy shout out to Katherine Ryan for being just lovely.

As operators though, sitting quietly and unnoticed in the background, usually in the smallest, coldest and darkest corner of the room, we do get to witness some unfortunate disasters and unsettling behaviour of some unsuspecting client, crew member or celebrity guest...and yes, I know, you're only interested in the disasters involving the celebrities if you're honest so i'll do my best and report back on as many as I legally can. (Already I see the Katherine Ryan story was probably not what you wanted to read about! It's not easy this writing thing, bear with me, i'm new.)

So, back to the point, blogging. The act of regularly (there's my first mistake) adding new material to or updating a blog. A modern take on the diary. Although I do remain constant in thinking that you can't beat a pen and paper. I still have and use an actual physical hard backed diary. And write in it with a pen no less. But i'm not about to take the snail mail route and post my blog updates out to you via Royal Mail. That would be ridiculous. So I have entered the world of online tell-all, and tell-all I will. But for now, there's nothing to report! This is just a quick introduction to state that I have joined the blogging community. Things will start to get a bit more interesting as 2017 begins to rear it's prompting head, and when it does, i'll blog away......

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